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Please read the following carefully. If you are interested in becoming a Qualified Coach, please follow the link below and fill out a brief informational questionnaire. 

Qualified Coaches will have an exciting opportunity to experience international travel as a Head Coach with Global Sports Academy (GSA). Qualified Coaches who secure a Select All-Star Team will receive all-expenses-paid travel (from the team’s departure site with the exception of lunch) in exchange for services rendered. 

As GSA representatives and as leaders and mentors of student-athletes traveling abroad, Qualified Coaches will be responsible for the following services: 

Qualified Coaches will recruit players for their Select All-Star Team.
There must be ten or more eligible players to form a Select All-Star Team.
Help with program items, such as payment schedules, medical information, etc.
Lead players on flights, group transportation, and all associated activities. 
Communicate with other leaders, coaches, travel managers, and program office staff in a professional manner.
Communicate daily and in a positive manner with GSA international partners to ensure a successful program. 
Demonstrate diplomacy, help resolve travel issues, and model a positive attitude. 
Assume responsibility for player safety and well-being.
Communicate to all appropriate parties in the event of illness, injury, disciplinary incident, etc. 
Counsel and support players throughout travel 
Coaches can select players from Divisions I, II, III and NAIA.  It is recommended that coaches select players within their conference and with whom they have a relationship.  Players must have at least one year of eligibility left to be eligible to participate.  

Select All-Star Team members will all depart from the same location and it is at the player’s own cost and expense to get to the departure location.  All air travel will and must be coordinated through GSA.  GSA will supply game uniforms and a string backpack for all players.

Each player will be asked to contribute or raise his or her equal share of the total expense to the traveling team. Donations made by individuals other than currently enrolled student-athlete's relatives or legal guardians (e.g., neighbors, businesses) to GSA in the name of or on behalf of that prospective or currently enrolled student-athlete are precluded, inasmuch as these donations would be considered "earmarked" for that student-athlete.  However, it is permissible for such individuals to make a donation to a general fund of GSA, provided it is not credited to a particular prospective or currently enrolled student-athlete. Funders will send donations directly to GSA; the touring Head Coach will not be responsible for receipt of payments. Program costs to players will vary dependent upon departure and destination locations.  Each team will leave from one central location. The cost to and from that location is the responsibility of each player. 

At times, there may be circumstances beyond the control of GSA and its suppliers that will necessitate revisions which may include tour dates, scheduled games and other itinerary activities. In the event of such changes, GSA will make every effort to maintain the intent of the original itinerary. Regardless of the cause, GSA will not be or become liable or responsible in any way for loss, injury, or damage due to sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, and injury during the program events.  GSA reserves the right to alter any part of the tour it deems necessary and advisable.

If you are interested in becoming a Qualified Coach with Global Sports Academy please Click Here and fill out a brief questionnaire. By filling out and submitting this questionnaire, you acknowledge that you have read the above document and are willing and able to complete the service requirements. 


Established 1991 |  Global Sports Academy  |   West Chester, Pa  |   (610) 742-5000

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