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Payment by Credit Card with PayPal

You have choose the option of paying on your account online with Paypal. No Paypal account is required for credit card payments. Payments online will incur a processing fee of about 3%. If you have any questions about your payment please contact us at our email address.  

You do not need an account to make a payment. Once you click the pay now button you will have the option to enter any amount you want to pay. A 3% tax will be added automatically for the processing fee. On final payments, as long as your payment is within a few cents we will be able to discount your tour to make a zero balance.
Please note: There is a 3% surcharge for credit card transactions. This is an approximate amount that will go to Paypal for processing. With your online payment you agree to the 3% surcharge for processing.  If you do not wish to pay the surcharge fee you may pay us by Check, Cash, Cashier's Check or money order.  

If you do not wish to use your credit card, please submit payment to:

Global Sports Academy
701 Andover Court
West Chester, Pa 19382

Please include your full name and the student's full name and school