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Established 1991 |  Global Sports Academy  |   West Chester, Pa  |   (610) 742-5000

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Please read the information below and understand that your submission of this form indicates your agreement to these conditions.

Each player will be asked to contribute or raise his or her equal share of the total expense to the traveling team. Relatives and/or legal guardians may pay GSA directly in the name of the student-athlete. Donations made by individuals other than currently enrolled student-athlete's relatives or legal guardians (e.g., neighbors, businesses) to GSA in the name of or on behalf of that prospective or currently enrolled student-athlete are precluded, inasmuch as these donations would be considered "earmarked" for that student-athlete.  However, it is permissible for such individuals to make a donation to a general fund of GSA, provided it is not credited to a particular prospective or currently enrolled student-athlete. Funders will send donations directly to GSA. 

At times, there may be circumstances beyond the control of GSA and its suppliers that will necessitate revisions which may include tour dates, scheduled games and other itinerary activities. In the event of such changes, GSA will make every effort to maintain the intent of the original itinerary. Regardless of the cause, GSA will not be or become liable or responsible in any way for loss, injury, or damage due to sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, and injury during the program events.  GSA reserves the right to alter any part of the tour it deems necessary and advisable.

Goodwill All-Star Team members will depart as a team from one location and it is at the player’s own cost and expense to get to the departure location. GSA must be informed of all air travel arrangements at least one week prior to departure. 

GSA requires the student athlete information 30 days prior to traveling to make sure you have the best travel experience as possible. Please make sure that all information has been completed and review all information before you submit.  Once you hit the submit button, your information will be sent to GSA and cannot be retrieved.

By completing and submitting this form, you agree to participate in the GSA tour consistent with the information provided below and the Conditions of Travel, as outlined on the GSA website.